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Ready after a great summer huliday:

We have participated into Festival Clin d’Oeil in Reims and the WFD/WFDYS GAs and also the WFD Congress in Paris.

We got lots of inspirations, not only from the events, but also through networking with all other participants. We really appreciate it.

Just now here is a bit silence. On the positive side we are working with planning the next Frontrunners period (FR 15).

We have recceived an amount of applications for the FR 15 period from several countries in the world, made interviews with the applicants and also sent approval letters to the new FR 15 participants.

Notice: It is still possible to apply for participating into FR 15. So if you want to be one of the member of FR 15 family, you can send your application.

The Frontrunners Team


The application for Frontrunners 2019-2020 (team 15) is still open for you. In there we want informations about you (facts, your reason for participating into Frontrunners and your visions.

If you have questions about it, feel free to contact us at

Link to application



Latest news

WFDYS (World Federation Of The Deaf Youth Section) had its General Assembly this summer in Paris, France.

Now the new WFDYS board of 2019 – 2023 have one of our teachers, Mark Berry, as a president.

One former Frontrunners student, Laure Abdelmoumeni (France) is elected as a board member.

Congratulations to Mark and Laure. We wish both of you luck with the next 4 years.




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