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Welcome to our tuned website

Yes that’s right, we have got a new website, curriculum and… logo!

We decided to have a make-over as we cannot (and do not want!) remain unchanged meanwhile the global deaf community is changing rapidly. The new outlook of the website and revised content of the curriculum are a signal on our alertness and capability to response to change(s).

Resilience and confidence are our key words when educating future change catalysers, Frontrunners students. 

The Frontrunners Team


The application for Frontrunners 2019-2020 (team 15) is ready for you. In there we want informations about you (facts, your reason for participating into Frontrunners and your visions.

If you have questions about it, feel free to contact us at

Link to application

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Latest news

No students at Castberggaard just now:

They all are in the internship period. Follow each of them on Instagram ‘frontrunnersinsta’. News every day from each students (and teachers). Use the Instagram symbol below.

New logo.

We decided to update our logo. Simon Bak made one we are satisfied about. The logo shows we go into a new era for Frontrunners with different subjects.

We hope you like it, too.


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