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 Do you love sport? Are you hooked on organisational work?

Wanna be a film maker? Or work in depth with Deaf Studies and know more about linguistic?

And do you want to do it with other deaf people from different countries? Do you like to use International Signs?

Then try one year at the Frontrunners!


Our Philosophy

We believe in the idea of ‘collaborative learning’ and we strive to create a safe, informal learning environment where we encourage students to engage in each others’ learning process by sharing experiences, capitalizing one another’s resources and skills and being accountable to each other. Students are expected to have a sense of responsibility for both the individual and mutual learning process by demonstrating intercultural and communicative sensitiveness. Students are exposed to an increasing understanding of diverse perspectives and they develop higher-level thinking, communication, management and leadership skills to adapt in the future life after the education program.



Vision of Frontrunners

The ambition of the Frontrunners is to take effort of that each individual has potentiality of paving the way towards human rights for the signing Deaf people: in their home and worldwide. We equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge combined with their individual abilities, skills and desires so they in time will be able to act as catalysts for a social change, because we believe in humanity and equality that belong everyone.



Mission of Frontrunners

The Frontrunners education team strives to create a safe space where respect to the diversity is highly valued and students can build their individual deaf resilience, discover and develop their strengths and tools for the future personal and professional life.

The safe space also acts as a global playground where the participants with different culture, language, social and geographical background can safely experiment with different ideas through a number of project works within and outside the classroom.

Deaf expert knowledge is highly appreciated and our guest teachers are high profiles within their expertise areas from linguistics to media.

We also collaborate with deaf organisations, institutions and research programs in the terms of a continuous professional and pedagogical development and maintaining the high standards of the education program.



Values of Frontrunners

We exist. Deaf people have always existed and they will always exist.

We believe. Deaf people are a part of the global human diversity and we are meant to be.

We do. We act to strengthen our existence and to be a part of the global human diversity.




Different persons, different styles , diversity


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