-An opportunity for those who maybe want to participate into the next Frontrunners period






The goal of Frontrunners Taster week is to allow students experience a year long teaching by getting a taste of the Frontrunners core teaching in a week along with other international students (30 students). The core teachings are:

  • Deaf studies and sign language(s)
  • Leadership and project management
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Communication
  • Usage and power of media and social media


As the week ends, we hope students will get the idea of what Frontrunners are, so in turns, they might sign up as a permanent student to study it further, or to encourage and inspire others to attend.


The teachers at Castberggård has taught this course for 11 years, using academics research, experienced organization methods in the classroom to analyze and observe best method for each participant’s home country. The course also heavily feature guest lecturer who are an expert in the topic they are teaching, we will have one guest lecturer who will be teaching during the week. In addition to that, students are expected to participate in discussion, to share their opinion and experiences. They might need to do a small research of their home country conditions.


The programme is as attached, there are free time to allows students to take the opportunity to get to know their new international friends, to have some activities in the evenings so there are exercise for all. Everyone will get a taste of Danish culture, with daily meals, and a small sightseeing tour in the second biggest city, Aarhus.


Participants will not receive Frontrunners’ certificate of completion, as it is reserved for the year long students.

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